BuildOnMe is a tech company that employs artificial intelligence in their cloud-based business applications. I was approached by BuildOnMe with a brief to develop a considered identity that represented BuildOnMe’s experience and values. They also wanted to avoid the common perception of tech company logos feeling cold and corporate.

The logo is constructed of distinct parts that convey BuildOnMe’s core attributes and values. The rounded letterforms and the playful visual element of the cloud make the logo feel spirited and approachable; while the positioning of the elements are made to look like they’re “building on” one another—a nod to BuildOnMe’s collaborative nature.

The end result is a brand style that is energetic while fresh, playful and creative. The branding was then applied across all marketing materials for BuildOnMe—stationery, document templates, brand guidelines and the website.

Type: Branding, print, digital
Role: Art Direction, Visual Design